When the going gets tough, get talking.

Generations of men have grown up with the idea that "Boys Don't Cry" - that when the going gets tough, a man should keep his feelings to himself, "man up" and put on a brave front. The Boys Do Cry project aims to put an end to this idea once and for all, so when the going gets tough, men get talking.

A mental health initiative in partnership with Gotcha4Life.



In the last 12 months in Australia 2,384 men have taken their own lives. That's an average of seven men every day, making suicide the leading cause of death in Australian males aged 15-49. Some of these men might still be alive today if they had felt able to speak to someone about how they were feeling.

There is nothing unusual about suffering from a mental health condition - on average, one in eight Australian men will experience depression, and one in five will experience anxiety in any given year. And whatever you are going through, talking to family, a mate, or health professional can be the first step to getting on top of it.

“Men generally want to deal with stuff themselves. She'll be right mate, give it to me, I'll deal with it. It’s a difficult thing to unlearn that. But that’s why we’ve got this problem.”

Gus Worland, Gotcha4Life

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